Everyone knows that Google is a huge company. They keep up with trends and have numerous products and services. A lot of people don’t use or even don’t know about many of those products. I’ve listed some nice Google products I use or think are interesting for you to use!

Google Keep


Google Keep is an great tool to keep lists/notes about stuff. One of the things I like is the user interface of Google Keep. Its easy and clean, but has all the features I need. You can easily add images, regular notes and lists, and you can also check those list items.

Google Alerts


Google Alerts is a great tool if you need to stay on top of certain topics. You can configure some nice settings like; Result type (news/blog/video/books), language, region, how often and how many results you would like to receive.

A personal example; I use Google Alerts to stay on top of news about Bicycles (for a site I own and manage). This way I don’t have to manually visit several sites to get the latest news. This tool saves me tons of time with that.

Google News


Google News is just like regular Google search but displays only news items that are recently posted. You can also just check the latest news on Google News without searching for anything.

Google Flights


Google Flights is a flight searching and booking service. When you’ve selected your location/destination Google will give you a list of possible flights by airline, time and price, which makes this an compare tool also. You can book your flight directly via Google, although I don’t have any experience with this.

Google Hotel finder


A nice add-on to the Google Flights, when you go somewhere you might need an hotel. When you select the location and start/end date then Google shows you a list of possible hotels. You can look at extra information, pictures and reviews if you like. It is possible to Book the hotel through Google.


Cooking with Google! Who would have thought that? The recipe search of Google is pretty nice, and has some good functions. For example you can search for:

Pancakes, that is has banana as ingredient, cooking is done in 30 minutes, and less that 300 calories!

Google Books


Although I’m not much of a book reader, when I see an interesting book I never know if I will like it. With Google Books you can preview big parts of a book and see if it’s worth buying for you. For every book there’s an area for reviews, bibliographic information and a hard copy price check section.

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