For Shop Plugins we recently had to change the number of products per page as our list of downloads grew too big to fit onto one page. Having only one product on the second page isn’t any good and will not get much attention so we decided to raise the number of products per page. We are using the category archives to display our products, but there are also a couple other ways you can display and change the number of products per page.

Default posts per page

If you are using the download archives/categories to display your products, one way of changing the amount would be by setting the WordPress setting ‘Blog pages show at most‘ which can be found under ‘Settings‘ -> ‘Reading‘. The downside of setting this is that it will affect every blog and category pages you may have on your site.

At general this is not my recommended way of setting the products per page.

Downloads per page based on archive

With a simple peace of code you can put in your (child) themes’ functions.php you can set the number of products per page based on a post type archive level. This allowed us to only modify the downloads per page on the EDD downloads archive pages on Shop Plugins.

Category pages

The example above works good nicely if you display a archive page, but won’t work if you want to change the downloads per page on a category page. For that you can use, instead of the above, the example below. This will change the number of downloads on both the Download archive, and the category pages.

Easy Digital Downloads shortcode

If you’re using the ‘

 shortcode to display your downloads you’re in luck! There is an easy way to change the amount of downloads it will show on the page. By changing the shortcode simply to ‘ it will display 20 products.

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