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WooCommerce Products Per Page

WooCommerce Products Per Page is a easy-to-setup plugin that integrates a ‘products per page’ dropdown on your WooCommerce pages.


WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

Set up advanced free shipping methods based on your own conditions.


WP Dashboard Notes

Want to make notes? You can do just that with WP Dashboard Notes. Create beautiful notes with a nice user experience.


WPML Widgets

WPML Widgets is a simple to use extension to add a language selector dropdown to your widgets.


EDD Sale Price

Promote your downloads with a sale price!


WooCommerce Availability Chart

WooCommerce Availability Charts adds an nice chart below your add-to-cart button with the available variations and the number in stock.

Plugins on Shop Plugins


EDD Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Track your EDD store eCommerce analytics. Enable the Enhanced eCommerce reports in Google Analytics.


EDD Advanced Product Labels

Add product labels to your downloadable products to increase product visibility.


WooCommerce Extended Reviews

Allow customers to rate your products on different areas.


WooCommerce Advanced Messages

Display messages throughout your entire shop through powerful conditional logic settings.


WooCommerce Cart URL

Create pre-defined product combinations that can be added to cart with one click.


WooCommerce PDF Watermark

Protect your downloadable products with a custom watermark.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping on CodeCanyon


WooCommerce Advanced Shipping is the extended version of WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping.

It allows you to easily create very specific (or just simple..) shipping methods based on conditions. Create as many methods as you’d like, no limitations!

If you can’t set a condition you’d like, please contact through the support form, and we’ll get in touch.

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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels on


With the Advanced Product Labels extension you can create labels easily and quickly for multiple products or single products at once.

By using the easy-to-use conditions you can target specific products in your shop to display a label.

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